Pickwick Clear Gin

Our Gin is made using the finest grapes from the Cape Wineland districts stretching from Somerset West in the East to Wellington in the West. Our recipe includes infusions of all the traditional botanicals as well as a selection of indigenous fynbos varietals that ensures our flavours feature an authentic Cape Town taste.
43% ABV


Tasting Notes


Sweet Juniper with soft floral flavours


Smooth transition from Juniper to our proprietary blend of botanicals


Lingering classical herbal notes


The base alcohol used in our Gin & other spirits originates from grapes from the Cape Winelands and after distilling is known locally as Witblits.

The name Pickwick has been taken from the historic building in which the Sidecar Distillery is located. The Pickwick Paper Mills was established in the 1950’s and supplied the Cape Town market until it’s closure in the early 1970’s.