Plum Mampoer

The definition of ‘mampoer’ in the Collins dictionary is ‘a traditional micro-distilled, South African styled brandy, made from any pipped fruit such as peaches, plums, apricots, etc.’ It’s also thought that the origin of ‘mampoer’ is possibly from ‘mampuru’ meaning strong man in the Sotho language.
43% ABV


Tasting Notes


Surprisingly fruity


Intensely flavourful


After the brief sting of intense fruit flavours leaves, your tongue is left with a slight, toasted, nuttiness


A seasonal abundance of red plums in South Africa makes this an ideal fruit to turn into a distillate. This tradition has continued for centuries. The main difference between traditional styles & our Sidecar mampoer is that our style is bottled with an ABV of 43%, as opposed to a much higher ABV found in other traditional brands. This allows our mampoer to be enjoyed as a sipping alcohol, on ice or heated, thereby avoiding your tastebuds being blown to smithereens…!