Viktor’s Potato Vodka

Making Potato Vodka is a very challenging endeavour and because of this, this Vodka style is very rare and highly sought after. Our age-old, tried & tested recipe, ensures every batch is successful and bursting with unique flavours. Using 12 different varietals of potatoes creates a smooth, earthy wonderfully tasty drink that’s best served ice cold.
43% ABV


Tasting Notes


Crisp, slightly Sweet, fruity tones


Slightly alkaline bite with an earthy sweet velvety oiliness on the tongue


The fruity, earthy, warm tingle dissipates off the taste buds leaving you begging for more…


Having access to some fabulous historical Russian recipes, Viktor has excelled in creating flavours that are very rarely found in today’s commercial Vodkas. Viktor visits the local Epping, Cape Town, produce market weekly to personally select the potatoes that are used in this unique Vodka.