Viktor’s Strawberry Potato Vodka

Making Potato Vodka is a very challenging endeavour and because of this, this Vodka style is very rare and highly sought after. Our age-old, tried & tested recipe, ensures every batch is successful and bursting with unique flavours. Using 12 different varietals of potatoes creates a smooth, earthy wonderfully tasty drink that’s best served ice cold.
43% ABV


Tasting Notes


It’s best served straight from the freezer so the nose is not very prominent. However, the strawberry tones are very prevalent


As smooth as mother’s milk with a prominent strawberry explosion


Tempting fruity flavours linger on the tongue


Our Potato Vodka is the base for our unique Strawberry Vodka. Infused with real strawberry concentrate this version of the popular spirit makes it irresistible for festive celebrations